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should last

moments that you keep only in photos...

Each engagement, wedding and wedding reception party is one such event in the history of the world, which is remembered for a long time and by many. For this, it is very important to find a professional photographer who understands those facts and can handle the toughest tasks. Thanks to many years of experience, we are ready for great challenges

we will show you from the best side

you will be surrounded by the photographer's special and full attention
every important moment will be captured with an emphasis on quality and detail
no hidden costs, extra surcharges or "surprises" after the wedding
lots of beautiful photos especially for you and your loved ones
you can get a professional album in the package
your photo-package is fully flexible
memories of your wedding day will last for generations


questions that we already know the answers to...

interesting ideas? – pf course!

There are many different concepts on how to prepare for a wedding photo session. With time, as trends change and we come up with different ideas, our photos start to look little different than those from 20 years ago. We are ready for your suggestions and ideas! If you want to make a pre-wedding photo session to have nice photos to show to your guests, or for your website or Facebook, we will be happy to help you out. We will make a pre-wedding photo session for you with at a discounted price (if you buy the main service - eg OK Package or BIG Package).

the answer can be very simple...

We all know how difficult it is to find a photographer in the "season" and for a term that suits us... Every year every professional photographer faces the same dilemma and sometimes, unfortunately, he has to refuse. At GB Photography our approach to the matter is slightly different and thanks to this we are able to meet more deadlines. Each wedding is unique and we treat each one with the same respect and professionalism. As we associate professionals from various artistic fields, we can also find a photographer even when everyone else has refused you the date already. However, we are not able to handle an infinite number of engagements or weddings, but there is always a chance that you can find what you need just with us.

in 99.9% we are for YES!

Anything can come up unexpected to anyone, even in the event of a wedding day. Well, if the world was build of all that's 100% predictable... But you will not get bored with us! We are focused on creativity and situations that are by definition unique. So if "something changes" it will not be the end of the world for us and we will adapt to your changes. So what's about the remaining 0.01%? Of course - no problem, but we must remember about the availability of the date - saying just in case

freedom in deciding...

This is the most exciting moment in the entire wedding photography process - your photos are ready and - you can do anything with them We will help you to create fantastic album or a professional video presentation. Our role is not just to do our professional part, but we also want to help you after this Great day. The final product is also our pride, so we invite you to full cooperation. And obviously, some of the things we will do for you completely free of charge.

Photo galleries

See what photos we have taken so far for other couples at their weddings. Each gallery is labeled to give it a perspective and to show you the places where the photos were taken. Certainly, these are only selected photo galleries, but we have a (still growing) collection of photo sessions and we will try to update it regularly.

we recommend viewing the photo gallery on the screen size above 8"

Dimi and Michael

Clair and Kane

Danielle and Alex

Anthea and Peter

Annika and Chris

Tonya and Matt

Megan and Greg

Nicole and Rob

Rebecca and Andrew


The newest technologies

We use the highest quality digital photography technology to take photos and videos. We use digital cameras (dSLR's and mirrorless cameras), 360' spherical cameras and drones (means traditional photos, spherical photos and drone videos). Each of our devices is of the "professional grade" type with a matrix resolution of a 20 Mpx or more, to ensure the highest image quality.

Photo Packages for every pocket

First of all, we take beautiful photos... We do not insist on what you can get and we are ready to negotiate such a photo-package that is tailored individually for you. The following suggestions are binding, but also illustrative, and whatever we suggest can be fully changed or replaced with another option. The most important thing however is to plan your special day very well. We encourage you to talk to us, because we like satisfied customers very much

the "Easy Package"

Professional outdoor photo session

photos taken with an dSLR
service range: 2 hrs
total photos: 50 - 100
every photo edited individually

You receive

absolute freedom of choice of the date
you decide where we take the photos
change of term € 0.00
private online photo gallery
fast delivery

Price from: € 250

For an extra charge

spherical 360' photos
drone photographs
video clip

the "OK Package"

Photo-session covering the most important moments from the wedding day

- photos of preparations
- details of Wedding Ceremony
- outdoor photo session
- pictures with family and friends
- photos at the Reception House, cutting of the cake...

Package contains

photos taken with an dSLR
spherical 360' photos
total photos: 250 - 500
one location for the outdoor session
service range: 4 - 5 hrs

Above that

the highest quality of the servicei
every photo edited individually
fast deliveryi
private online photo gallery
change of term € 0.00

Price from: € 700

For an extra charge

pre-wedding photo shoot
professional photo-album
traditional video clip
drone photos
drone video

"BIG" Package

Photo session covering all of the moments of the Wedding Day and Reception party

- details of the Bride and Groom preparations
- Wedding Ceremony
- outdoor photo session
- limousine arrival
- cutting of the cake
- first dance
- special events
- group shots with family and friends
- pics with guests
- photos on the spur of the moment
- dances, revelries...

in the Package

photos taken with an dSLR
spherical 360' photos
drone photos
total photos: 500+
selection of multiple locations for outdoor sessions
service range: 6 - 8 hrs

Above that

the highest quality of the service
every photo edited individually
fast deliveryi
private online photo gallery
change of term € 0.00

Price from: € 900

For an extra charge

pre-wedding photo shoot
professional photo-album
traditional video clip
drone video


- the availability of the photographer on the new date must be secured
- the price list includes one photographer (operator) by default
- except for albums and prints, photos are delivered electronically
- the drone photo service has weather and legal restrictions (e.g. flight zones exceptions)
- all services are performed in compliance with the GDPR
- detailed terms of service are agreed individually with the client
- each package can be individually designed
- the prices given are a gross prices

Let's have a talk about your wedding day

Call us or send us a message. We can meet on a video chat or at your favorite place. We provide friendly and professional service, but most of all, we offer really professional advice. We want your dream photos to be unforgetable...

Call us or send us a message...


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