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Solar (photovoltaic) panel inspections

Solar panel thermography tests help prevent potential failures. They are a cost-effective form of analysis that is used to identify electrical and mechanical faults. Regularly checking the technical condition of your panels will positively affect the safety of your home and the efficiency of the entire photovoltaic system.

Inspections with the use of a drone

is a convenient and non-invasive procedure performed from the air and using infrared technology. It is used to detect potential defects or damages in the panels. During the inspection, it is also possible to detect faults that are invisible to the human eye, which may arise in various installations located just below the panels.

Service description

As part of the same inspection of your solar panels, we will take two series of photos. The first series will be performed in infrared and the second session will be carried out using the traditional method. The camera mounted on the drone is integrated with the GPS system, which in the case of installations located in several segments or on solar farms, allows for precise positioning of the panel. This technology also allows for the determination of damaged parts of the panel with the accuracy of 0.14cm

Thermographic report of solar panels inspection

Upon completion of the inspection, you will receive a professional report in PDF format from us, which will include the following:

- each panel shown in thermal and traditional photograph;
- graphical image of the surface temperature of the panel;
- analysis of the so-called hotspots, or overheating places;
- clues to determine the performance level of the entire installation;
- date, time and address of the inspection carried out,

What are reports useful for?

- enable the detection of potential dangers;
- illustrate a graphic map of any damage to the panel;
- they can be used as material to facilitate the service work of the installer;
- as an attachment to various documentation;

Standard services price list

*in the case of combining services and in the case of complex orders, we offer discounts
(the prices given are a gross prices)

Duration Photo Thermogram Price from:
House0,5 hour4 +€ 120
Building or Object1 hour4 +€ 230

Video documentation

Technical documentation does not have to be limited only to photos and reports! During the same inspection, we can make a video from the drone for you, precisely showing the surface of the panels, which will be a great supplementary element for the completed order.

with Client Duration Full HD Price from:
Drone1 hour1 - 5 min€ 200
Montage + signs--€ 50
Background sound---€ 0

*the above service includes continuous video without special effects, scenario, arranged scenes or performers, recorded by 1 operator using a drone, as the end product

What do you need solar panel inspections for?

For the detection of manufacturing defects and previously unnoticed damage caused in transport. In addition, to detect damage caused by factors such as birds activity, the consequences of hail or gusts of very strong winds. Thanks to the inspection, you will find out in what performance and technical condition your panels are currently in and whether there are taking place any anomalies under the installed panels that may affect their correct operation or safety.

When should an inspection be done?

In most cases, the installation should work without failure for many years. In addition, the installation of photovoltaic panels is usually covered by a long-term warranty. However, no device works well once and for all... Relying on the proven precautionary principle, it is a good practice to carry out regular inspections of solar panels and installations at intervals of up to 5 years.

What can you gain by inspecting your solar panels?

First of all, you make sure that your solar panels are working properly. In addition, you save valuable time as the service is performed by the drone operator, as it does not require any direct intervention from you. From the formal point of view, you get:
- a documented visual inspection of the current state of your solar panels;
- professional reports suggesting any defects or damages to the panels;
- all photos taken on your installation;


- except for printed products, photos and files are delivered electronically
- the price list includes one photographer (operator) by default
- drone-based services have weather and legal restrictions (e.g. flight zones exceptions)
- all services are performed in compliance with the GDPR
- detailed terms of service are agreed individually with the client
- each service is individually designed

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