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Photography for the real estate market

is one of the richest offers, for which we use the latest achievements of digital photography. Building lots, houses, entire buildings, apartments for the hotel industry (AirBnb and Booking.com) or space to be developed are some of the objects that we will gladly document for you. For this you can choose the type of technology you want to use and your presentation will certainly stand out among others ...

definitely, we can take almost any photo

Traditional photography

are photos taken by us using a professional grade digital camera. At present, this is perhaps the most popular method of photographing interiors and buildings. We feel great in this "category" and we are ready to present your apartment or house with a garden and make it look great in the pictures.

*an example of a house for sale in the vicinity of Wrocław

Professional photo-presentations for AirBnB and Booking.com market

We can take pictures of your apartment or property which will "stand out" in front of all other ones in their category. The best combination of photographs can be traditional photos and spherical photos for a better effect. This will create a richer emphasis on the attractiveness of your property. In addition, we can take a few photos from the drone that will show the entire offer from an even better perspective!

*we offer attractive photo packages for registered users

*sample presentation of a rental apartment in Wrocław

photos and 360' panoramas from the drone

Pictures can be taken from very different angles. One of the ways that allows you to give a completely different perspective to objects are photos taken from the air, using a drone. And as if that was not enough, we can also take spherical photos, i.e. 360' panoramas using the same flying technology... Yes! exactly as you think - even virtual tours up in the air...

Virtual tours

it feels almost like being right there, where the photo is taken... Presentation technologies of this type have been gaining a lot of popularity recently. We are fully ready to implement the most ambitious projects with the use of spherical photos. And when everything is ready, online visitors can "walk through" your offer or a project.

designed for AirBnB
apartment in Palma del Mallorca

designed for Booking.com
apartment in Greater Poland

designed for Booking.com
apartment in Wrocław

advertised on Otodom.pl
office in Wrocław

designed for Booking.com
luxury apartment in Wrocław

Professional video presentations

These are the most spectacular, but also probably the most comprehensive projects we implement for our clients. Below we present an example of the implementation that we have made for a commercial facility. These types of projects require a bit more preparation and planning, but we never said "no" to anyone when he called us about it

building lot in a beautiful location
warehouse with office in Melbourne
picturesque building lot
agricultural lot in beautiful location
building lot with a house and pond

What makes us standing out?

We try our best, we work hard and we provide our services at the most high level known to us. We are moving towards creating a good relationship with the client and his satisfaction with the service. We are convinced that by photographing your business photos
we can meet 99.9% of your requirements!

An offer for all

We work with everyone, that is with individuals, realestate offices, development offices and construction companies, state organizations, etc. Our offer is transparent and tailored to every budget. We are ready to negotiate prices for recurring orders or individually developed projects.

Free consulting

We are ready to discuss how to best present a specific property, land or facility. All consultancy during the project, and even after its completion, is completely free.

Price guarantee

Some projects may exceed the prescribed parameters in terms of time, volume or may be more time consuming. Of course, no task is too difficult for us, but nevertheless, if we consider it justified for the price to change, we will certainly tell you...

We guarantee that you will not pay more than we agreed in advance!

Standard services price list

*in the case of combining services and in the case of complex orders, we offer discounts
(the prices given are a gross prices)

Duration Photos Gallery Price from:
Apartment (3 rooms max)1,5 hour10 +€ 120
House1 - 2,5 hours30 +€ 160
Building or Warehouse1 - 2 hour30 +€ 180
Floor plan-1€ 30

Duration Photos Gallery Price from:
Office or Apartment0,5 hour2€ 90
House or other1 hour5 +€ 180
Single photo15 min1€ 50
Virtual tour (montage)-5 +€ 30

Duration Photos Gallery Price from:
Construction lot1 hour5 +€ 120
House1 hour10 +€ 180
Object, warehouse1 hour10 +€ 230
Up to 5ha (orthophotomap)1 hour1€ 270
Panorama 36015 min1€ 70

Continuous video

*continuous video footage without special effects, script, arranged scenes or performing people, recorded by 1 operator

with Client Lenght Full HD Price from:
Traditional1 hour1 - 5 min€ 160
Drone1 hour1 - 5 min€ 200
Traditional + Drone1 - 2 hours1 - 10 min€ 340
Montage + signs--€ 50
Background sound---€ 0

Video clips

*video footage consisting of simple shots or (and) arranged scenes, that may contain basic special effects, a simple script, performing people. This service is dedicated specifically for the realestate market

with Client Lenght Full HD Price from:
Traditional1 - 3 hours1 - 5 min€ 600
Drone0,5 - 1 hour1 - 5 min€ 450
Traditional + Drone1 - 4 hours1 - 10 min€ 940
Montage + signs--€ 50
Background sound---€ 0


- except for printed products, photos and files are delivered electronically
- the price list includes one photographer (operator) by default
- drone-based services have weather and legal restrictions (e.g. flight zones exceptions)
- all services are performed in compliance with the GDPR
- detailed terms of service are agreed individually with the client
- each service is individually designed

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