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General terms and conditions for the provision of Services by GB Photography Europe

1. These Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as G.T.C. define the rules on which GB Photography Europe, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, performs its Services in Poland and the European Union. By accepting G.T.C. The customer undertakes to comply with them. IN SU. define the rights and obligations of the parties to both the Customer and the Contractor and Subcontractor, they are also the basis for any claims of the Customer, Contractor or Service Subcontractor. Terms of G.T.C. may be supplemented with additional provisions agreed with the Customer when booking a specific Service. The performance of any Service by GB Photography Europe is subject to the acceptance of G.T.C. by a client.


2. According to G.T.C. The client is a natural person who does not run a business or any registered business entity operating in the European Union that is not in a state of suspension or liquidation. In the case of G.T.C. uses the term Representative to denote a person acting on his behalf. The service is the performance of work to save a permanent image, i.e. digital photos, or a moving image, i.e. digital video or digital sound, using equipment appropriate to the needs, owned by the Contractor or Subcontractor, in accordance with the Customer's specification in the Order accepted by the Contractor. The result of this work is hereinafter referred to as the Product.


3. If necessary, and depending on the type of Service, the Contractor reserves the right to employ Subcontractors in order to perform all or part of the Service for the Customer. The customer will be informed each time about the personal and contact details of the person or entity involved in the performance of the Service.

Processing of personal data

4. The administrator of personal data is GB Photography Europe, NIP 8951715375, Regon 932168324, ul. Małachowskiego 1-9, PO Box 413, 50-950 Wrocław 68, Poland. The Customer's data will be processed in order to answer his inquiries and for marketing and analytical purposes, in order to carry out activities and all activities related to the Contractor's Services and to perform contracts and orders. The scope of data collected by the Contractor meets the so-called data minimization obligation. The Customer's data will be accessed by GB Photography Europe employees, external partners, e.g. notaries, lawyers, financial advisors, Subcontractors and entities providing services to the Contractor (i.e. IT services and technical support). Customer data will be kept for the period necessary to implement legally justified interests arising from the contract until the end of its performance and the expiry of the limitation period for any contractual claims. The customer has the right to request access to their personal data, rectification, deletion or limitation, as well as the right to transfer data. The customer also has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body, i.e. the President of the Personal Data Protection Office, in the event of a breach of the GDPR.

Ordering of Services

5. A natural person who does not run a business for which the Service is to be provided undertakes to provide his basic personal data in order to confirm his identity. When registering the Service, the representative of the entity undertakes to provide the data of the economic entity enabling its identification in the CEIDG system or other registers of a given country, as well as its name and surname for contact purposes. The Client agrees to consult before the Service is performed in order to establish the actual dates and places of taking photos. Responsibility for the identification of places, objects or people for whom specific photographs, video or sound are desired shall be borne by the Customer or a person designated by the Customer for this purpose. Both the Customer and the Representative are responsible for the correctness of the provided data and information necessary to perform the Service under pain of refusal or cancellation of its performance by the Contractor. On the day of performing the Service, the Contractor is not responsible for not taking pictures or recording a video with sound of places, objects or people that have not been previously identified by the Customer.

Delivery of product

6. The Contractor undertakes to deliver the Product or Products in accordance with the content of the Order and within the time specified in the Order agreed with the Client or the Representative. With the exception of Products such as paper prints, canvases, prints, photo albums or physical digital media, all Digital Products, i.e. digital photos, digital videos, digital sound recordings or other graphic or sound files are delivered by the Contractor electronically in the form of digital files .

Customer Responsibilities

7. It is the customer's responsibility to read the G.T.C. Providing real personal data or data of the economic entity, data regarding the place of performance of the Service and informing about changes is the responsibility of the Customer. The Client also undertakes to inform the Contractor about circumstances that could have any impact on the impediment or impediment to the performance of the Service by the Contractor or its Subcontractor. It is the Client's responsibility to make full payment for the Service in accordance with the schedule previously agreed with the Contractor.

Contractor's obligations

8. The Contractor's obligation is to perform the Service ordered by the Customer in the best possible way, taking into account the specifications resulting from the Order. The Contractor undertakes to meet the deadline for the execution of the Order, including the deadline for delivery of the Product. The Contractor applies the principle of trusting the good intention of the Customer, but reserves the right to suspend the release of the Product until the entire amount due for the Service is paid.

Copyrights and Use of the Product

9. Unless otherwise agreed with the Customer or the Representative, all copyrights to the Product belong to the Contractor or the Subcontractor in accordance with the Polish Act on Copyright and Related Rights, Journal Of Laws 1994 No. 24, item 83, and international law. Unless otherwise agreed with the Customer or the Representative, the Contractor grants the Customer a license to use the Product for advertising, promotional, educational or personal use and in the form of printouts on paper or canvas for its own needs. The customer has the right to publish photos or videos in the press, on the Internet or other mass media, provided that a description of the Product is attached indicating its author. The correct description is: "author: GB Photography Europe". A breach of copyright may be reported by the Contractor to the Polish or international Justice Authority. The Customer is not entitled to profit from the sale of duplicates, rental, distribution, or charging for the projection of the Product, either in part or in whole. The Client may purchase copyrights from the Contractor or Subcontractor under a separate agreement with the Contractor. The use by the Contractor or the Subcontractor for promotional purposes of the image of persons, property or facilities, including facilities subject to special protection due to state defense, infrastructure construction, intellectual property or disclosure of the image of a place where it is prohibited or protected by applicable law is determined individually with The Customer in the content of a specific Order. Unless otherwise agreed, the Contractor or the Subcontractor has the right to use the Product for advertising or promotional purposes of its activities. The Customer may request the Contractor or Subcontractor to refrain from publishing the Product for the aforementioned purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, Journal of Laws No. 2018 item 1000.

Limitation of Liability

10. In the event of loss, damage or destruction of digital negative files for reasons beyond the control of the Contractor or Subcontractor, the Contractor's liability is limited to a full refund of the amount paid, but does not cover the refund for the goods or Products already received by the Customer and does not include the paid deposits. The Contractor is responsible for material damage caused during the performance of the Services. The Contractor is not responsible for the material damage caused or for the breach of any legal provisions by any of its Subcontractors or their employees or Subcontractors.

Service costs

11. The Contractor guarantees that the Customer will not pay more for the Service than the amount previously agreed with the Contractor in the content of the Order. The Contractor also retains the right to apply additional fees incurred during the performance of the Service. The additional fee may include travel fees or fees for the use or rental of additional equipment or human resources that go beyond the standard framework of photographic or audiovisual services and without which the performance of the Service may become impossible or in the event of the need for other justified activities requiring additional costs on the part of the Contractor necessary to perform the Service not resulting from the content of the Order. The contractor is obliged to inform the customer in advance about such a cost. The customer is obliged to pay such costs or fees if he accepts them. The Contractor has the right to withdraw from the obligation to perform the Service if its performance exceeds the framework agreed with the Client in the content of the Order.

Random events and unpredictable circumstances

12. Both the Contractor and the Customer declare that they will make every effort to ensure that the Service is performed in a manner that satisfies the needs of the Order. If there are circumstances forcing either party to change the date or postpone the date of performance of works related to the Service, the parties agree on a new date. The Contractor reserves the right to change the date in the event of random events that are not under his control or changes in weather conditions that may prevent the performance of the Service within the time specified in the Order, in such a situation the Contractor undertakes to repeat the Service free of charge if it is possible or adequate to the nature of this Services. In the case of Orders for which the date of the Service cannot be changed, such as weddings, celebrations, concerts and other events, the Contractor undertakes to provide a Subcontractor to perform the Service on his behalf.


13. Both the Client and the Contractor undertake to comply with the practical rules and recommendations to minimize the risk resulting from the current epidemiological situation during the performance of the Service. The contractor undertakes to implement practical solutions recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Poland, the European Union and the WHO. Up-to-date information related to the Coronavirus in Poland is available at: https://www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus/


14. The Contractor undertakes to provide the Customer with an electronic copy of this document in the form of a file or a link enabling it to be downloaded. In matters not regulated by the G.T.C. or the content of the Order or other additional arrangements or agreements with the Client, the provisions of the Civil Code and other applicable legal acts shall apply.

15. For the services performed, the Contractor offers the Customer the option of using online payments through an operator that meets Polish and European standards of financial services, in particular payments using payment cards and electronic transfers. In addition, the Contractor offers the Customer traditional bank transfers, made by the Customer himself, using the bank details provided on the invoice. The recipient of payment for services is GB Photography Europe, NIP 8951715375, Regon 932168324, ul. Małachowskiego 1-9, PO Box 413, 50-950 Wrocław 68, Poland.

16. All written complaints should be sent to the following address: GB Photography Europe, ul. Małachowskiego 1-9, PO Box 413, 50-950 Wrocław 68, Poland or by email on page: contact.

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