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For employees, business and corporations

we make photo-portfolios of employees, portrait photos or repeated photo sessions (eg, for marketing purposes). We offer a high culture of customer service along with professional mobile equipment. We will visit your company and take photos of any company or office. We guarantee respect for the privacy of every person (GDPR), good prices and short delivery terms.

Events worth commemorating

It is a well-known tradition to organize special events, New Year's Eve balls or other events that we sometimes long for. Documenting them is certainly an important element in the functioning of a company. If you plan to organize an event for which professional photography or video is important, please contact us...

Presentation at the United Nations Conference "Advance in Global Health"

Standard services price list

*in the case of combining services and in the case of complex orders, we offer discounts
(the prices given are a gross prices)

Duration Photos Gallery Price from:
Portraits and groups1 hour20 +€ 120
Company party1'st hour50 +€ 180

Duration Photos Gallery Price from:
Group of people +0,5 hour2 +€ 90
Single photo15 min1€ 50
Virtual tour (montage)-3 +€ 30

Duration Photos Gallery Price from:
Group of people or object1 hour10 +€ 230
Panorama 36015 min1€ 70

Continuous video

*continuous video footage without special effects, script, arranged scenes or performing people, recorded by 1 operator

with Client Lenght Full HD Price from:
Traditional1 hour1 - 5 min€ 160
Drone1 hour1 - 5 min€ 200
Traditional + Drone1 - 2 hours1 - 10 min€ 340
Montage + signs--€ 50
Background sound---€ 0

Video clips

*video footage consisting of simple shots or (and) arranged scenes, that may contain basic special effects, a simple script, performing people. This service is dedicated specifically to promotion and advertising

with Client Lenght Full HD Price from:
Traditional1 - 3 hours1 - 5 min€ 600
Drone0,5 - 1 hour1 - 5 min€ 450
Traditional + Drone1 - 4 hours1 - 10 min€ 940
Montage + signs--€ 50
Background sound---€ 0


- except for printed products, photos and files are delivered electronically
- the price list includes one photographer (operator) by default
- drone-based services have weather and legal restrictions (e.g. flight zones exceptions)
- all services are performed in compliance with the GDPR
- detailed terms of service are agreed individually with the client
- each service is individually designed

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