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for it is an art
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The show business photography

For over a dozen of years we have been taking part in theatre performances, film productions and live concerts. We take professional photos for directors, show creators, musicians, actors, individual artists and other people related to verbal and visual art. We help in the promotion of performances, documentation of author's works and we commemorate special moments that occurred only once in the history of the world ...

Film and theatre productions

are considered the most spectacular form of artistic expression. Each theater performance is unique, each film is different. The realization of both works requires a lot of effort and hard work... We record the fruits of these often difficult undertakings in the form of unique photographs.

"19:84 Up Late"
George Orwell's novel based

Theatrical Festival in Melbourne

"A Midsummer Night's Dream"
by William Shakespeare

"The Dream Children"
a future film by Robert Chuter

"Szofer Archibald"
by Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska

"Billy Loves Cha Cha Forever"

A wider collection of photo galleries can be found at: https://theatre.gbphotography.com.au

Concerts and exhibitions in art galleries

We photograph concerts and other artistic events on stage. We visit art galleries and exhibitions to capture their unique splendor. We will make your artistic message stand the "test of the time" and remain unforgettable. We will passionately record its course in photos or as video footage.

The Concert for Monar
a'Propos Club in Wałbrzych, Poland

Arts Gallery "Pacha Mama"
Meerlo, the Netherlands

The Opening Night
the Cracked Actors Theatre

Video reports

We shoot interviews, reports and other video recordings of artistic events. Together, we can prepare a script that will meet the needs of your event, record a series of interviews or even fragments of a performance for further media processing.

"Totems" by Robert Young

was an exhibition of paintings presented by Robert Young, an artist of Gunnai and Waradjurie origin (Aboriginal tribes in the state of Victoria). Through his art the artist expresses his connections with the earth, country and sky. Robert celebrates his culture by painting symbolic totems in his own unique art style.

Organiser: Yarra Ranges Council, Location: "The Memo" Healesville VIC, Australia, Date: March 2020

Robert Young on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RobertYoungArt

Standard services price list

*in the case of combining services and in the case of complex orders, we offer discounts
(the prices given are a gross prices)

Duration Photos Gallery Price from:
Outdoor or indoor1 hour20 +€ 160
Studio or Theatre1 - 2 hours30 +€ 230
Concert1 - 3 hours50 +€ 340

Duration Photos Gallery Price from:
Outdoor1 hour5 +€ 180
Single photo-1€ 50
Virtual tour (montage)-3 +€ 30

Duration Photos Gallery Price from:
Outdoor1 hour10 +€ 180
Panorama 36015 min1€ 70

Continous Video

*continuous video footage without special effects, script, arranged scenes or performing people, recorded by 1 operator

with Client Lenght Full HD Price from:
Traditional1 hour1 - 5 min€ 160
Drone1 hour1 - 5 min€ 200
Traditional + Drone1 - 2 hours1 - 10 min€ 340
Montage + signs--€ 50
Audio background---€ 120
Background sound---€ 0

Video clips

*video footage consisting of simple shots or (and) arranged scenes, that may contain basic special effects, a simple script, performing people. This service is dedicated specifically to promotion and advertising

with Client Lenght Full HD Price from:
Traditional1 - 3 hours1 - 5 min€ 600
Drone0,5 - 1 hour1 - 5 min€ 450
Traditional + Drone1 - 4 hours1 - 10 min€ 940
Montage + signs--€ 50
Audio background---€ 120
Background sound---€ 70

RAW footage - unprocessed video

*unprocessed footage copied from the memory card and handed over to the client without any processing

with Client Lenght Full HD Price from:
Traditional1 hour-€ 160
Video Drone1 hour-€ 200
Traditional + Drone1 - 2 hours-€ 340


- except for printed products, photos and files are delivered electronically
- the price list includes one photographer (operator) by default
- drone-based services have weather and legal restrictions (e.g. flight zones exceptions)
- all services are performed in compliance with the GDPR
- detailed terms of service are agreed individually with the client
- each service is individually designed

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