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We are helping farmers in crop damage assessment

Natural disasters or wildlife damage in crops are unfortunately unpredictable. Hungry animals or passing of a storm can cause great losses that are needless to any farmer. Any event that causes damage to the crop must be immediately reported to the insurance company or the hunting club. In both cases, the farmer is entitled for compensation, which must be well documented.

Drones for agriculture

We work for individual farmers and agricultural cooperatives. We implement professional and modern solutions that enable quick delivery of the necessary reports for damage. We document each event in the form of a photographic map (orthophotomap) made of a drone and attach precise calculations of the damaged areas. We have commercial drone licenses and we have completed appropriate training in damage assessment.


Several formalities must be completed to report hunting damage or damage to crops caused by weather conditions. First of all, such damage should be documented. Then, you must complete the application for compensation and deliver the entirety to the appropriate institution. In the case of hunting damage, it is the local hunting club and in the case of natural damage, the insurance company with which the policy is held.
ATTENTION! the damage should be reported in writing up to 3 days from its occurrence.

If there has occured a damage to your crops, it must be documented as soon as possible
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