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Aerial inspections

Drones can perform many routine and specialized activities necessary for the functioning of companies and enterprises. Due to its mobile capabilities, the execution of certain tasks and missions can become much faster and more efficient. Such a service will save your valuable time, reduce costs and eliminate complexity of operations that occur in the traditional methods.

Drones in the industrial applications

- construction and architectural designs
- heating and infrastructure
- telecommunications
- railway lines
- forestry districts and agriculture
- protection and monitoring




GSM antennas





Power windmills


Tension poles

Railway tracks

What makes us stand out?

We try our best, we work hard and we provide our services at the most high level known to us. We are moving towards creating a good relationship with the client and his satisfaction with the service. We are convinced that by photographing your business photos
we can meet 99.9% of your requirements!

An offer for everyone

We work with individuals, enterprises and state organizations. Our offer is clear and tailored to suit every budget. We are ready to negotiate prices for recurring orders or individually developed projects.

Free consulting

We are ready to discuss how to execute your order in the most effective way. All consultancy during the project and even after its completion is included in the total price of the service.

Price guarantee

Some projects may exceed the prescribed parameters in terms of time, volume or may be more time consuming. Of course, no task is too difficult for us ... If for some reason we find it justified that the price changes, we will certainly tell you about it ...

We guarantee that you will not pay more than we agreed in advance!

360' panoramas in the air

It is a very interesting and innovative solution for a project or for an overview of the area at any time. We can also make virtual tours recorded at a certain height, consisting of many 360' panoramas. Feel free to ask us for a quote for your project.

Standard services price list

*in the case of combining services and in the case of complex orders, we offer discounts
(the prices given are a gross prices)

Duration Photos Gallery Price from:
General Industrial1 hour10 +€ 120
Object photos1 hour20 +€ 180
Floor plan0,5 - 1h1€ 50

Duration Photos Gallery Price from:
General Industrial1 hour10 +€ 180
Object photos0,5 - 1 hour10 +€ 230
Up to 5ha (orthophotomap)1 hour1€ 270
Panorama 36015 min1€ 70

Video documentation

During the service, we can additionally make a video from the drone, which may turn out to be an excellent complementary element.

with Client Lenght Full HD Price from:
Traditional1 hour1 - 5 min€ 160
Drone1 hour1 - 5 min€ 200
Montage + signs--€ 50
Background sound---€ 0

*the above service includes continuous video without special effects, scenario, arranged scenes or performers, recorded by 1 operator using a drone, as the final product


- except for printed products, photos and files are delivered electronically
- the price list includes one photographer (operator) by default
- drone-based services have weather and legal restrictions (e.g. flight zones exceptions)
- all services are performed in compliance with the GDPR
- detailed terms of service are agreed individually with the client
- each service is individually designed

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